Takaisin MTK's European Elections Program: 10 Theses to a Vibrant Europe


MTK's European Elections Program: 10 Theses to a Vibrant Europe


The elections to the European Parliament will be held at the beginning of June 2024. The new Parliament and the new Commission will define the
Union’s development over the next five years. It will not be an easy time. It is characterised by instability, war in Europe, concerns about security and the economy, and the undermining of the international law.

MTK considers it essential that Finland and the Members of Parliament elected from Finland build stability and predictability for the EU. Europe must strive towards a time when citizens and businesses can have confidence in the future and act accordingly. Politics must aim at better well-being for people, the economy and the environment.

Finland must continue to build strong membership in a strong European Union. During nearly 30 years of membership, Finland has become accustomed to thinking that a strong Commission is the security of a small Member State. Unfortunately, under the current Commission, this has not been the case. Especially in matters of agriculture and forestry, the Commission has advocated major reforms based on its ideological ideals but has yet to understand their practical effects in the Member States.

For the EU to be strong, adding excessively strict regulation must stop. The development of regional competitiveness and the operating environment create the best conditions for effective environmental and climate action. The future Parliament and the Commission must have the courage, if necessary, to recognise the mistakes of previous Commissions and to abandon the implementation of unworkable regulations. The subsidiarity principle in decision-making and the possibility for Member States to exercise their own discretion must be ensured.

MTK emphasises that sustainable solutions for a stable and safe Europe are based on the EU’s rural areas and the responsible use of their renewable natural resources. The security issue is par ticularly emphasised in the EU’s eastern border regions, where new regional development tools are needed.

These “Ten theses to a lively Europe” by MTK tell us what needs to be done in EU policy-making.