Takaisin MTK's and SLC's Biodiversity Road Map


MTK's and SLC's Biodiversity Road Map


Along with climate change, the loss of biodiversity is the biggest environmental challenge and threat of our time. Agriculture and forestry have a direct and inseparable connection with nature: nature affects them, and they affect nature. For MTK and SLC as well as for agriculture and forestry, biodiversity is a matter of responsibility, preparedness and prosperity

MTK's and SLC's Biodiversity Road Map shows the direction for development of agriculture and forestry in a constantly changing environment. Sustainability and the green transition are changing our society in profound ways, and in this transformation agriculture and forestry are sectors that are necessary, and their importance as a provider of solutions is even greater than before. The Road Map consists of research information, and the goals and measures of MTK and SLC are based on it. The data shows that agriculture and forestry have travelled far on the right path in combining biodiversity and sources of livelihood. At the same time, the data shows that there is still a lot to be done.

The Road Map guides the activities so that measures contributing to biodiversity are taken at all levels of the organisations. However, reaching the goals does not depend only on MTK and SLC, so other actors and cooperation between actors are also important. Implementation of the Road Map will proceed step by step over the coming years in a way that ensures overall and long term sustainability.