Takaisin MTK’s EU priorities in spring 2023


MTK’s EU priorities in spring 2023


The latest report concluding MTK's EU priorities in spring 2023 has been published.

MTK’s EU priorities in spring 2023

Crises threaten food security in Europe and globally. Our society has been tested unprecedentedly during the last year and a half. Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine and the energy crisis have strongly impacted citizens, industry, agriculture, and forestry. In addition, the logistics chains weakened by the corona pandemic have not recovered. The instability of the food and energy markets is likely a long-lasting phenomenon. That’s why the EU must be flexible when exceptional situations continue, carry its global responsibility, and ensure our ability to produce food now and in the future.

The significant global challenges of sustainable development are unresolved, and at the same time, security and basic needs are threatened even in wealthy Europe. Europe must act together in the challenges while listening to Member States and sectors. Our society needs green growth, i.e. economic growth based on low carbon and resource efficiency, safeguarding natural diversity and promoting well-being and social justice. Here, broadly understood as the bioeconomy, our members’ livelihoods have growing importance and solutions available.

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MTK's EU priorities in spring 2023


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