Takaisin MTK’s new programme promotes biodiversity in agriculture and forestry

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MTK’s new programme promotes biodiversity in agriculture and forestry


MTK has published a new Biodiversity Programme. The programme outlines actions and their planned development within agriculture and forestry in order to contribute to overcoming biodiversity-related challenges. The programme aims at safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity.

The programme consists of concrete actions benefitting biodiversity. In addition to being a useful guideline for practical agriculture and forestry, the programme also provides solutions for decision making – these are also functional at the level of different EU policies.

– The Finnish examples, related to expanding the protected area network in a voluntary-based manner, are a testimony of the effective landowner-respective approaches. MTK’s balanced and multidimensional programme includes many suitable elements also for the new EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, MTK’s Head of Environmental Affairs Liisa Pietola explains.

The loss of biodiversity continues both globally and in Finland. The programme focuses on how agriculture and forestry can strengthen their role in biodiversity protection. However, halting the loss of biodiversity demands the contribution and involvement of the whole society.

– Agriculture and forestry have a significant responsibility in this regard and thus we take our position seriously. Promoting the current effective best practices and continuing the development of operations is necessary. A stable operating environment, economic incentives, and reliable information, which is put into effect with advisory services, are crucially important Pietola highlights.

MTK’s Biodiversity Programme is an aggregate of three approaches.

– A balanced combination of different types of actions is what makes the difference. In MTK’s programme biodiversity is promoted with best practices, well targeted nature management and restoration and landowner-based voluntary nature conservation, MTK’s Lawyer responsible for nature conservation legislation Anna-Rosa Asikainen describes.

MTK's webinar on biodiversity 24.3.2020

The presentations of the seminar

More information:
Liisa Pietola, Head of Environmental Affairs, MTK, tel. +358 50 438 4014
Anna-Rosa Asikainen, Lawyer, MTK, tel. +358 40 920 9858

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