Baltic Farmers' Forum on Environment

Baltic Farmers' Forum on Environment (BFFE) was launched in April 1998 as an initiative from the Nordic Farmers Council (NBC). Presidents of the farmers unions met in Gotland (Sweden) and discussed about the status of the Baltic Sea. The meeting resulted a declaration "Farmers for a Sustainable Future in The Baltic Sea Region".

The status of the Baltic Sea was found to be serious, and it was concluded that all the sectors involved (industry, agriculture, transport, energy production, fishery, tourism, forestry) must take the responsibility to improve the situation of the Baltic Sea. The organizations also urged governments to reserve resources for the adoption of agri-environmental measures. Finally the organizations declared their willingness to invest in the sustainable development of the Baltic Sea. The BFFE network was launched as a part of this process.

The declaration was signed by 12 organizations from 11 countries.

  1. Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF)
  2. Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners in Finland (MTK)
  3. The Central Union of Swedish-speaking Agricultural Producers in Finland (SLC)
  4. Association of Private Family Farmers and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia (AKKOR)
  5. Estonian Farmers Federation (ETKL)
  6. Latvian Farmers Federation (LZF)
  7. Lithuanian Farmers Union (LUS)
  8. National Union of Farmers and Agricultural Clubs and Organisations (KRZKIOR), Poland
  9. Bauernverband Schleswig-Holstein (BVSH), Germany
  10. Danish Agriculture and Food Council (L&F)
  11. The Norwegian Farmers' Union (NFU)
  12. Farmers Assosiation of Iceland (Bondi)

Today also Farmers Parliament (ZSA) from Latvia and  the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce take part in the cooperation.

NBC (Nordiska Bondeorganisationers Centralråd) manages and monitors the activities of BFFE together with the farmers unions in the area. The chairmanship follows the NBC chairmanship and rotates between Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Currently L&F holds the coordinating role, and the BFFE secretariat is headed by senior advisor Marie Østergaard (L&F).

The aim of BFFE

The aim of BFFE is to strengthen the agri-environmental work among the farmer organisations. It also represents farmers around the Baltic Sea as an observer in HELCOM.

The vision of BFFE (Stockholm 2012)

Farmers and farmers’ organisations engagements

  • Farmers’ organisations take an active part in environmental policy making processes
  • Utilise given environmental tools such as free advice and EU agri-environmental support schemes to the greatest possible extent
  • Further advocate practices and efforts that farmers make to improve the efficiency of production, which results in higher productivity and less environmental impact

Expectations on governments and administration

  • Listen to farmers’ organisations and BFFE and take farmers’ interest in to account in the environmental policy
  • Support economic viability and competitiveness of agriculture
  • Provide a framework with realistic objectives
  • Support agricultural research and advisory services to generate and transfer innovative solutions to farmers

Contact information of partner organizations

  • Airi Kulmala (*)
    Expert, MTK, Finland   
    PO Box 510 FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland    
  • Rikard Korkman (*)
    Senior Adviser, SLC, Finland   
    Fredriksgatan 61 A 34, 00100 Helsingfors  
  • Markus Hoffman (*)
    Expert, LRF, Sweden
  • Marie Østergaard (*)
    Senior Advisor, L&F, Denmark   
    Axelborg, Axeltorv 3, DK 1609 Copenhagen V, Denmark 
  • Hildegunn Gjengedal
    Senior Adviser, NFU, Norway   
    Pb. 9354 Grønland 0135 Oslo, Norway    
  • Jovita Motiejūnienė
    Policy advisor, LUS, Lithuania
    K. Donelaičio g. 2-305 LT-44239 Kaunas, Lithuania    
  • Riina Maruštšak
    Head of Environmental Policy, EPKK
    Pärnu str 141, Tallinn 11314, Estonia +3725205857
  • Kerli Ats
    Member of the Board, ETKL, Estonia
    Juubelitammede tee 15, Saku 75501, Estonia    
    +372 5647 5660
  • Agnese Hauka
    Adviser, LFZ, Latvia
    Republikas laukums 2 Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia
  • Maira Dzelzkalēja-Burmistre
    Vice Chairman, ZSA, Latvia
    Republikas laukums 2, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia    
  • Zanda Krūklīte
    Projects Manager, ZSA, Latvia   
    Republikas laukums 2, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia 
  • Vigdís Hasler
    Director, Bondi, Iceland vigdis[@] 
    Bændahöllinni við Hagatorg
    107 Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Frederike Böttger
    Advisor, BVSH, Germany   
    Grüner Kamp 19-21, 24768 Rendsburg, Germany    
  • Russia, AKKOR    
  • Poland, KRZKIOR 

  (*) members of secretariat

If you have any comments concerning these BFFE web pages, please contact Airi Kulmala.